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Fluctuations in Redox (ORP) readings


Fluctuations in ORP readings are normal, as this is an indication of the level of disinfection of the water in your pool or spa, and will almost never remain at exactly the same level at each measurement.



  • If you notice very large fluctuations change (> 200mV between measurements) that do not correspond to the treatments performed, we invite you to contact customer service.


  • If you find too regular measurements this could indicate a defect in the pool treatment. Please check the following information:

  1. Effectiveness of the treatment : Take measurements of TAC and TH with strips. If the results are too low or too high your water is out of balance and the effectiveness of the treatment products is zero.
  2. Filtration power: if your filter is not working well, the disinfection rate will not be consistent with the corners of your pool. Therefore the ORP level will change depending on the position of your ICO in the pool.
  3. Functioning of your chlorinator (in salt pools or spas): if your chlorinator is not functioning sufficiently, your Redox (disinfection rate) will be unstable.


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