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All about probes calibration



What is the purpose of calibration?

Regular calibration of your ICO’s probes is essential for accurate measurements. The recommendations made by ICO are thus optimized and effective for treating water. Finally, it protects the proper functioning of your ICO and extends the life of the probes, which are guaranteed for two years.

      • ORP probe
      • pH probe

How often should I calibrate the probes?


      • Seasonal using: annual calibration, at the beginning of the season.
      • Year-round using: twice a year, at the beginning of each semester.


How to calibrate the probes?

      • Remove ICO from the water and wipe it with a clean soft cloth.

      • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

      • Turn on ICO via the application and then click on the remote control button

      • Perform the calibration in a room at room temperature (recommended temperature is 25°C).

      • Place the solution in the appropriate tray as indicated in the user manual.

      • Immerse the probe by stirring the ICO a little to facilitate the measurement

      • Place your ICO next to your mobile and open the ICO application.

      • In the remote control section, you will find the video tutorial, the pH probe calibration and ORP probe calibration buttons




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