ICO the connected device for your pool

By ordering ICO, you will be connected to your pool in real time, wherever you are.

ICO simplifies the analysis and maintenance of your pool.

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      I am ICO – your smart pool partner. I analyze, anticipate and control in order to guide you through  pool maintenance.

      You are now connected to your pool, 24/7, via my application on your smartphone or tablet.

      Can’t wait to swim: Drop me in the water and I instantly start to analyse your pool.

      I like all types of pools: chlorine, bromine and salt-water chlorination

      I work continuously: 24/7, always at your service, you can even let me float in the skimmer or under the cover.

      I am small but robust: My custom robust sensors are protected by a rigid shell, specially designed to last several years. My battery only requires to be recharged once a season, as simple as with a phone (via USB cable).

      Additional information

      Weight 0.7 kg
      Dimensions 15 x 11 x 6 cm
      Your network

      WIFI, Sigfox

      Your pool

      Chlorine, Salt-water chlorination, Bromine

      Your language

      French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch



      ICO is guaranteed 2 years. Sensors are guaranteed 1 year


      4 custom robust sensors, plug-and-play

      Analyzed data

      weather, alkalinity, water hardness, stabilizer, UV


      WIFI + Bluetooth, version 4.0 and following


      5v Battery (USB cable provided)

      Application compatibility

      IOS & Android (free download)


      ICO is certified IP68 by the French National Laboratory of metrology and tests

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