Whether it is hot or cold, whether it rains, whether its windy, the weather is not always easy on your pool. However, as always, slow and steady wins the race. There is no need to rush into anything.. 

Here is a summary of the effects that weather conditions can have on the water in your swimming pool and the relevant solutions.



The impact of rain on your pool :

Initially, rainwater is relatively pure. However, as it falls, it picks up different elements (minerals, pollutants). Therefore it can become non-drinkable and contaminated.  

Additionally, rainwater can be full of pollution, dirt, salt … There is a chance that your pool’s water could change in appearance (become murky/troubled). 

According to its location, water can be more or less acidic. Be careful! Rainwater does not have the same chemical composition as tap water. It is therefore not useful to save it to fill up your pool.

The pH of rain is between 5 and 6 and it will therefore reduce the pH of your pool which is normally between 7.2 and 7.6. 

The temperature of rainwater is not very high, it is therefore possible that this could reduce the temperature in your pool. 

The impact of temperature on your pool’s water :

If the air temperature is low, the water in your pool will get cooler.

The warmer it is the longer the filtration should last (Once you water is higher than 30°C it is advised that you filter your water without interruption). Furthermore, the higher the temperature the more that you will lose water through evaporation. 

Finally, too high a temperature of your pool water can interfere with the quantity of treatment products that you should use and can favor the development of algae and microorganisms. 

The impact of the wind on your pool’s water :

Wind is a source of pollution because with strong gusts it can blow multiple types of debris (dead leaves, dirt, insects, …). Furthermore, if your pool is not covered and is exposed to the wind, it will cool down quickly. 

Finally, a pool that is exposed to wind going in an opposite direction to its flow can make the filtration difficult, or even impossible.

There are, therefore, several inconveniences caused by the change of weather conditions, here are the different solutions for each problem caused.


Concerning rain :

Cover your pool to keep your water clean as well as an optimal temperature, then make the necessary adjustments of pH and disinfectant. 

To control the temperature :

To avoid a temperature which drops, cover your pool with a cover or shelter. Avoid filtering it at night. .

If your pool is equipped with a heating system, heat the water when necessary. 

During hot periods, cover the pool to limit evaporation. 

Finally, analyse the water regularly and carry out treatments based on your findings.

Solve the problems caused by the wind :

During the creation or the planning of your pool, make sure to correctly position the filter upstream. 

To limit the deposition of debris and dirt, cover your pool with a cover or shelter. 

If debris is already present : clean the walls and the bottom of your pool with the help of a manual or robotic pool cleaner. Finally, check the filter and the skimmer. 

To conclude, there are multiple solutions to help cure the effects of the weather on your pool. There aren’t any problems, only SOLUTIONS!

ICO’s advice :

I am ICO, your connected device which measures, anticipates and adapts its advice and lets you know on your smartphone.

Linked to the weather, I let you predict variations in the quality of your water :

Whether it rains or it is windy, I’ll let you know about the arrival of rain or wind so that you can cover your pool.

If you do not have a cover or a shutter, I will analyse the change in your pH and show you what to do to restore your water quality.

Don’t worry about the weather anymore, I’ll take care of it, for you and your pool.

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