Pool or spa: what to do with milky water ?

Milky water is when it is difficult to see the pool or spa bottom. This problem can be due to pH variations, to the presence of algae in suspension in the water, to water that is too hard or to poor filtration... As always, in the event of a water problem, you must identify the problem in order to remedy it with the right treatment. Here is our advice.

4 tests to identify the cause of cloudy water

  1. Check the pH If you have ICO, check your application for the latest pH measurements. If no significant variation has been detected by ICO, then you can test your probe with the Mineral water test. Finally, if you do not have a connected water analyzer, do a simple test with a strip. The pH should be between 7.2. Find here our advices to modify your pool or spa pH.
  2. Check the alkalinity level: water that is too hard causes the water to change and become cloudy. Check the tH (water hardness): water is perfect between 10°f and 20°f (100 to 200 mg/l or ppm). More Info
  3. Turn on continuous filtration : Milky water can be caused by poor water circulation. Run your filtration system continuously for 24 hours. If the water visibility is better, you have solved your problem. Remember this rule: the filtration time should be equal to half the water temperature. For example, 14 hours of filtration for water at 28°C
  4. Add flocculant: even if invisible to the naked eye, algae suspensions may be present. Le floculant permet de traiter les algues en suspend dans l’eau et de la désinfecter en profondeur. More info