France has a public image which includes its values and a certain way of life, and that is what foreigners are looking for. Today, this same brand enables numerous french companies to set themselves up in other countries and achieve almost immediate recognition. As a matter of fact, thanks to the label “Made In France”, numerous start ups have been able to expand into foreign markets. 


In France itself, the influence of products “Made in France” is on the rise (for example, it is found to be a factor in the development of businesses). According to the newspaper l’é, 3/4 of French people say that they would be prepared to pay more to buy a French product. Consumers are more and more in search of quality products. Thus the “Made in France” market today represents 38,000 jobs and generates an annual revenue of 7.2 billion euros. The government itself has decided to put in initiatives (for example the FRENCH TECH collective) to create a French brand, a strong brand.



However, we are not the only ones that are keen to buy “French”. As a matter of fact, beyond our borders our expertise is internationally recognized, notably in industries such as fashion (haute couture), food, luxury, beauty (Occitane en Provence), and perfume. Large retailers (Carrefour) as well as hotel complexes like the AccorHotels group are developing with the help of foreign franchises. 

This internationally recognized expertise gives off a certain token of quality in the eyes of foreign consumers.


The image of swimming pools has changed a lot over the course of the last few years. A great pool is no longer recognized by its dimensions but more by the quality of its equipment and its integration into the house as part of your living space. Furthermore, thanks to technical innovations of the professionals in the sector and/or popular young startups, swimming pools are now environmentally friendly and cheap and they have never been so easy to manage. 

As a matter of fact, it was in the region of Aix-en-Provence that our idea of helping your pool management was born. It was during a conversation between Nicolas Fiorini our director and Didier Roussel an expert in swimming pools and water treatment (both 100% Provençal) that the innovation of ICO began. 

The first sketches of our little companion were then drawn up between Reims and Paris by our product designer (100% French). ICO then first saw the light of day, soothed by the song of cicadas, and the sun, which reflects in the water of the swimming pools of Provence. Its casing is made 100% from French materials and it is robust and resistant to UV rays and chemical products. 

Our small connected island therefore earns its label of being created entirely in France. 

ICO’s advice :

I am ICO your connected device which measures, anticipates, and adapts your advice and lets you know on your smartphone.

Since my creation I have known how to distinguish myself in France and abroad being a Smart home prize winner at CES Las Vegas in 2017 and a prize winner in the Health and Environment category of the the ministry of the environment’s Green Tech competition.  

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