ICO the right way to care for water and the planet.

At Ondilo, we believe that pools and spas can be compatible with responsibility.

At the origin of the ICO creation, there was the idea of developing an intelligent solution that combines diagnosis (with a complete and efficient water analysis solution) and personalized care recommendation: the right product, with the right dosage at the right time.

Save on chemicals with ICO

ICO users have better management of chemical dosages thanks to recommendations adapted to their pools and spas. 

The application allows users to select the products and packaging they use on a daily basis to adjust the recommendations.

By analyzing the water every hour 24/7, ICO warns of water changes as soon as they occur. This eliminates the need for shock treatments requiring large quantities of products during the summer season.

The reasoned use of chemical products limits the discharge of residual additives into the natural environment and the water table and limits the damage to pool linings and equipments.

More savings

Thanks to ICO, our customers save money every month on their pool or spa budget.

Using fewer products is better for the environment, for swimming comfort and the preservation of equipment.

ICO awarded by the Ministry of the Environment with the GREEN TECH label, in the Health and Environment category.

With this award, ICO is recognized as a useful and innovative service for the ecological transition.

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