The 17th forum for entrepreneurs – Kedge Business school Marseille



What is the importance do we want to give to a decision or an action ?


This was one of the questions in the theme of “topsy-turvy” of the 17th forum for entrepreneurs organised by the UPE13 at the Kedge Business School of Marseille, on the 8th September 2017. With almost 2000 visitors, the day was very popular! The Ondilo team was proud to be present in a place dedicated to Start-ups from the Aix-Marseille region. This was once again an opportunity to meet professionals, students but also users who are always looking for solutions to treat their pool.


What we got from the busy day :


“Topsy-turvy” ? Knowing why we do things, what importance we should give to a decision or an action, often getting lost in the tumult of the restrictions and obligations of our age. Giving meaning to our daily life, to life itself, to our company, has become an essential question on both an individual and collective level. A program covering this was discussed at the 17th forum!


The lay out for the day :


  • 6 brainstorming workshops, during which the entrepreneurs  and executives discussed their points of view with trade-unionists, academics, politicians, intellectuals, young people and artists
  • Lunch : the opportunity for a number of exchanges and meetings
  • “The topsy-turvy match” took place between two people from completely different worlds, Cynthia Fleury, philosopher, and Jean-Dominique Sénard, president of the Michelin group, who both discussed their opinions in a constructive exchange.


And for ICO ?


Our little connected island was passed from hand to hand so that people could get to know it better, but it also attracted the journalists of the region, like France 3 and their nod to televised regional news.

A great event with the same wish from all interested visitors : improving water analysis making it more simple and more effective. Once again our ICO received a great reception.




Our team is excited to be able to make exchanges and meetings as well as take part in this area of dynamic, innovating start-ups !


You can see some pictures of the exhibition (and of ICO at 0’52s) on the video from France 3 television :


Un forum riche de sens


The article from France television is  HERE 😉



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