I am ICO, the connected device

I analyse, anticipate and formulate recommendations for a healthy water
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Born to simplify your pool maintenance

I analyse

I continuously measure and analyze your pool water quality. I am compatible with the following systems: Chlorine, Bromine, Salt-water chlorination

I recommend

My application formulates recommendations and notifies you via your smartphone for a clear and healthy water.

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Your serenity is our priority


When dropped in the water, ICO connects you instantly to your pool. You can check, on your smartphone or tablet, the quality of your pool water and the status of your installation. Pool maintenance has never been easier


ICO analyses both the visible nuisance such as algae, cloudy water and lime scale but also the invisible dangers such as bacteria, aggressive water for the swimmers or corrosive water for the equipment. ICO’S multiple sensors help you keep a permanent eye on your pool


ICO is committed to optimizing the use of chemicals in your pool. With ICO, you do it right and get advised the perfect dosage at the best time, thus protecting the sensitive skin of your loved ones


Keeping the water chemistry balance right is key to making savings in chemicals and also protecting your pool surface and equipment, which will save you money in the longer run. With ICO, you simultaneously protect swimmers but also your pool and equipment

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Small object but great awards

Laureate Health & Environment

GreenTech Contest – Ministry of the Environment

Smart Home Laureate

Consumer Electronic Show Las Vegas 2017

Paris Trade Fair

Official selection – Grand Prix for innovation

German Design

Official selection 2018

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