My technology

The best for your pool & spa

Available in WI-FI – Plug&Play sensors – Rechargeable battery

 Compact & discreet

  • I can be placed under the pool cover (pool or spa) or in the skimmer
  • My design is ergonomic with a very low waterline
  • My plastic is UV & chlorine resistant
  • I have an IP68 Waterproof rating

Plug & play sensors

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • ORP (Disinfection rate, chlorine level estimation)
  • Conductivity (Salt level estimate)

My sensors are overmoulded for a better durability

My Twistlock system simplifies the sensor replacement

Rechargeable battery

  • I have a long-life battery 
  • My USB cable is included in my packaging
  • You can charge me once per season

Simplified connexion

  • Connect me to your Wi-Fi
  • I am also available via Blutooth from the app


My blue sensor measures the pH level in your pool or spa, it is an essential element in the balance of the water.

ORP (Chlorine)

My orange sensor measures the ORP level, used to measure the effective Chlorine in your pool or spa. 


My grey sensor measures the conductivity in the water, used to estimate the salt level and alkalinity in your pool or spa.

My battery is rechargeable

As simple as a smartphone

My rechargeable battery

You can charge me using my USB port (cable included)

Once per season, 6 hours are sufficient to charge me for a full cycle

Buy now

ICO, for any kind of connection system


ICO directly connects you to your domestic network.
No matter the configuration you have, you will always be able to connect your ICO to your domestic network. 

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