Nowadays, we can access wireless networks almost anywhere we go. We use any means possible to get a good signal. To get this quality of signal we have an internet box in our homes but depending on the house, the signal strength can be stronger or weaker. To resolve this issue, there are several types of device that enable the extension or optimization of your Wi-Fi network.


As was said before, an internet connection at home has become a must have for everyone. Nevertheless, it is not always enough to subscribe to a tariff to be satisfied. You must also ensure that there is a good range of signal. Because of various types of interference in certain rooms you will not get a good Wi-Fi signal …

Furthermore, summer is upon us, you are currently peacefully making the most out of your yard (swimming, relaxing in the sun, DIY …). But the only hiccup, your Wi-Fi struggles to provide you with a good signal.

Here are some reasons to install an extender :

  1. The signal is not powerful enough to support the amount of information that you would like to load. To have a more powerful Wi-Fi throughout you must therefore boost the signal
  2. Your Wi-Fi has a very good signal but you wish to duplicate its range so you can connect your devices from your yard



The main function of a Wi-Fi extender is simple : it extends the Wi-Fi coverage of your box. To get the most out of your extender its positioning is important. It should not be placed too far away from nor too close to your Internet box. All the available mosels in shops will have different uses.   

PLC plugs

PLCs or power line carriers let you relay your internet connection throughout your house. The network, this time, passes through the electrical system. You only need to connect a PCL box to your box and to the mains and another to a wall socket in every other room where you want to extend your signal. An ethernet port on every PCL box allows you to connect your equipment. Certain models also integrate a Wi-Fi module to connect a tablet or smartphone.


With the device mentioned above it is possible to set them up in two different modes according to your needs. There is the extender mode and the AP mode. Here are the differences between the two :

EXTENDER MODE : the device copies and strengthens your existing wireless network. It extends the coverqge as well as the signal strength. Its a mode that fits well in big houses, offices, warehouses or other spaces with a weak signal.

AP MODE or (Access Point) : here, the device is connected through a network cable and then it is converted into an internet access point capable of connecting to multiple devices.

ICO’s advice :

I am ICO, your connected device that measures, anticipates, and adapts your advice and lets you know via your smartphone.

Whether your pool is far away from your box or not, I will always be connected to your pool to think about treatment and variations in the quality of your water. I can connect via your internet or via a Wi-Fi extender.

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