Chlorine levels can be altered by the pH and therefore the pH must be kept at the correct level for the chlorine to work.

Chlorine is 100% effective with a pH of 5.5 (but the water is too acidic to swim in!) With a pH between 7.2 and 7.4 the chlorine is 60% effective, this is what is recommended. A pH that is too high also disrupts flocculation.

Flocculation is the process in which different particles found in the water (even the smallest which are not visible to the naked eye) group together and form a clump for a better filtration.

A high-water temperature influences the amount of product you must use to treat your pool.

In general, in warm periods, the water evaporates and therefore you will lose certain amounts of the product. You must, therefore adjust the water level and the amount of product used. Furthermore, a high temperature favors the appearance of algae as well as microorganisms


A pool exposed to wind in an opposite direction to the filter can cause difficulties.

During the planning of your pool make sure to correctly position the filter against the current (before construction or installation) according to the prevailing winds.

So that filtration is effective, it is advisable to place the skimmer, so it faces the wind. Therefore, it directs the water the right way to be filtered. The flow of the water will therefore have “its back to the wind” going towards the skimmer.


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