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ICO logout from Wi-Fi

Please follow this procedure to solve the problem :

1: Test the connection out of the water 

  • Take your ICO out of the water and dry it with a soft cloth
  • Dry your hands carefully
  • Sit in your house, in a place where the Wifi reception is good (kitchen, living room…)
  • Turn off ICO by lifting the top cover (the light is off or orange depending on the model)
  • Remove the three probes and put them back one by one by locking the system
  • Place ICO in a bowl of water. The probes must be perfectly immersed


2: Re-connect to the Wifi network 

  • Keep your ICO and your mobile device side by side
  • In your ICO application, click on your pool or spa profile
  • Click on the remote control icon at the bottom right
  • Reconnect ICO to WIFI via the WIFI configuration button
    During this process, ICO will attempt to connect to the server via your box’s Internet connection



3. Test result

If this screen appears, your ICO has successfully connected to your Wi-FI network. Hold the connection for 1 hour and verify that the connection is still active.

1. Your ICO has stayed connected: the range of your network is probably not sufficient when the ICO is immersed in your pool or spa. A solution to extend your Wi-Fi network is recommended to solve this problem.

2. Your ICO disconnects again: please contact our customer support 

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