Why clean your pool regularly?

A regular cleaning of your pool helps to keep the water clean and healthy and to preserve your equipment in the long term.

By adopting a weekly cleaning routine, you will no longer be reacting to water changes  (algae , cloudy water), but rather acting preventively. There are only advantages to cleaning your pool regularly: less stress, less use of chemicals and real savings on your budget.

ICO simplifies this routine with automatic hourly water analysis, advanced features such as maintenance day, and its customized chemical treatment recommendations.

Only 15 to 30 minutes of maintenance per week is needed to keep your water clear. All you have to do is enjoy your swimming!



Our advice to keep your water stable and crystal clear.


The good method

  1. Define a maintenance day in the week and set aside between 15 and 30 minutes to devote to your pool.
  2. Start by checking the water level, which should be 2/3 of the skimmer. If necessary, adjust the water level.
  3. Visually check the condition of the pool, paying particular attention to the corners and the water line. In case of unusual traces, use the brush to remove the dirt.
  4. In the technical room, open the valve in the suction position and take your cleaning accessories (brooms, robots, strips, etc.).
  5. Check the water chemistry :
  6.  Start your robot or use the hoover to clean the bottom of your pool.
  7. In the technical room, close the valves and clean the pump’s pre-filter.
  8. Open the valves in the filtration position.
  9. Check the sand filter and clean it thoroughly so that the filtration action is really effective.
  10. If you have a timer, check that the timer is set correctly.
  11. For salt water pools, check regularly that the cell of the chlorinator is clean. Clean it if necessary.
  12. Clean the skimmer basket.
  13. Finish your routine by cleaning the edges of your pool.




    1. The maintenance day function in the ICO app reminds you to clean the pool and give you advice on cleaning the pool.
    2. ICO measures pH, ORP, and TDS hourly for you.
    3. Personalized treatment recommendations with the right product at the right dosage. 

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