Spring is here, which means that summer is just around the corner and maybe for you, it could mean the construction of your above-ground pool.

The most important part when it comes to placing an outdoor pool is the terrain on which it will be placed.  Effectively, you will need to make sure that the ground is flat and stable.

The ground

You will need to prepare, figure out the positioning of the pool, mark it out, and clean it. To clean the area effectively, remove all pebbles and stones and sweep the surface with an outdoor brush to protect your future pool from any damage.
To put it simply, an above-ground pool once filled with water is very heavy. Even the smallest of pebbles, in contact with the structure (which is quite lightweight) could lead to some damage.

Once the area has been carefully cleaned, you will need to flatten out the surface wuth the help of a roller. Of course, the pool will not be placed directly onto the ground but onto a groundsheet. To avoid damage, tears, or incorrectly placing the groundsheet, we recommend having someone else to help you.

The construction

  • For a free-standing above-ground pool : inflate the tube and let your pool fill up.
  • For framed pools : start by placing the horizontal framework in the sleeves of the liner, next the vertical poles, fix it all together before filling up your pool, all whilst making sure that the structure is stable and level.
  • For wooden above-ground pools : This set up, involves using wooden planks. You will need to take care and make sure that there all parts have been put together correctly. Furthermore, you will need to place felt and then the liner on the walls and the bottom of your pool to make absolutely sure that it is water-tight. You can then fill the pool up. Of course, before this, you will have installed the equipment to ensure a good filtration system for your water.


I measure, predict, and produce recommendations on your smartphone.

Whether you have an above-ground pool or not, I adapt to all types of pool. Choose whichever type of pool that you own in my application and I’ll handle the rest.

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