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Random fluctuations in Redox (ORP) readings

If you notice large, random fluctuations in your Redox readings this could be down to an contact issue between the sensor and ICO’s electronics. To resolve this problem follow the instructions found below.
Step 1 : Remove ICO from the water and dry it properly
Step 2 : Open the cover
Step 3 : Press and hold the button down. The light will flash yellow once. ICO is switched off.
Step 4 : Remove the Redox sensor (orange) from its place
Step 5 : With the help of a small, fine knife, push one or two strips away from the sensor to create some separation, as shown in the picture.
Step 6 : Put the Redox sensor back
Step 7 : Press and hold the button down. The light will flash green 3 times. ICO is switched on.
Step 8 : Put the cover back on
Step 9 : Put ICO back in the water
Step 10 : Keep track of the next Redox values recorded

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