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Regular fluctuations in Redox (ORP) readings

If your Redox readings fluctuate in a regular manner, this could indicate that there is a problem in terms of the treatment of your pool. If you notice fluctuations of this type you should check that :


  • The length of time that your electrolyser is turned on during the day is enough (in pools treated with salt) : if this is not the case, your Redox (disinfection rate) will be unstable.
  • Your filtration system is powerful enough : if your filter is not fully functioning, the disinfection rate will not be consistent across all areas of your pool. As a result the Redox measurements will change depending on the position of your ICO in the pool.
  • Your TAC and TH readings are within the norms : if your TAC or TH are too high or too low you water is not in equilibrium. As a result all readings will be unstable and any treatmeznt product will not be effective.

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