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Fluctuating Redox (ORP) readings

A fluctuation in Redox (ORP) readings is not necessarily a problem. Given that it is an indicator of the rate of disinfection in your pool, it will almost never be exactly the same in between each measurement (ICO takes a reading every hour). However, if you notice large fluctuations (a change > 200mV between readings) that does not correspond to any treatment carried out, this could reveal a problem with your ICO or your pool.
If you notice large, irregular fluctuations, this could be down to a contact problem between the sensor and ICO’s circuit board.

To resolve this : Widen the contact strips on your ORP sensor (Orange/Yellow)

If the fluctuations are more regular, this could be due to an issue with the settings of your pool equipment (filtration system, electrolyser, etc…) Click here for the solutions.


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