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ICO is not sending any readings

You are not receiving the test reports on your application? This may be due to several problems:

  • Your ICO is no longer connected to Wi-FI
  • Your ICO is switched off
  • Your ICO is out of battery
  • The firmware has not been updated
  • Ondilo’s information systems are under maintenance or a failure has been declared.
    First of all, open the bottom cover of your ICO (white part) and check that the three probes are correctly locked.
First of all, make sure that all three probes are properly plugged and that your ICO is immersed in water.

I receive some measures only

I receive NO measures 



If you do not receive any information about your ICO application, follow the next steps.

STEP 1 - Check your ICO's Wi-Fi connection
This issue could come from an issue with the connection between your Wi-Fi and ICO. To check that ICO is successfully connected to your Wi-Fi carry out a connection test.

If the test confirms that you are correctly connected to the network, pass to step 2.

If not, reconfigure the Wi-Fi connection by following these steps.

Step 2 - Connection Test in the House

In the house (your kitchen for example) proceed with the following steps:

  • Remove ICO from the water and dry it with a soft cloth
  • Dry your hands thoroughly
  • Turn off ICO by lifting the top cover (the light is off or orange depending on the model)
  • Remove the three probes and replace them one by one
  • Turn on ICO (the light is green)
  • Place ICO in a bowl of mineral water. The probes must be perfectly immersed.
  • Proceed again to step 1 (Wi-Fi configuration)

You still not receive any measurements ? please contact our customer support


Step 3 : Extend your Wi-Fi in the garden

Were you successfully able to receive measurements from ICO while it was in your home?

This indicates that ICO is not connected to your Wi-Fi network while immersed in your pool or spa. Here are some solutions for extending your Wi-Fi network into your home or garden.

More solutions


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