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The appearance of algae is one of the most recurrent problems for pool owners. But what are the consequences of its appearance ? How can we first of all avoid it and if necessary treat a pool after algae has appeared ?


Why is there algae in my pool ? 

To understand how to avoid the appearance of algae you must, first of all, understand the conditions which lead to its occurrence. A high pH and temperature and a lack of disinfectant all favor the appearance of algae. As a consequence, to avoid algae it is necessary to avoid creating an environment with these conditions, in which algae will flourish.

The consequences of the appearance of algae

There are several types of algae (green, black, yellow, pink/red, etc.) all of which have the same effect on your pool.

First of all the appearance of algae causes a discoloration of your water, the walls and the bottom of your pool (photo on the right).

However, the consequences aren’t just visual. The appearance of algae can also lead to the appearance of harmful bacteria.

How to avoid algae


Here are some solutions to avoid the appearance of algae :

  • Make sure that your pH stays between 7 and 7.6
  • Make sure your chlorine levels stay between 0.7 and 1.2 ppm (g/l) if you use stabilized chlorine and between 0.4 and 0.7 if your chlorine is non-stabilized.
  • Avoid too high a temperature
  • Avoid too long a hibernation
  • Make sure you clean the filter once a week
  • Regularly clean the walls and the bottom of your pool


How to get rid of algae?

In the worst cases where algae has already appeared, follow these steps to ensure that you have removed all of the algae and bacteria present in your pool.


  1. Clean the shiny or colored parts of your pool
  2. Carry out a shock treatment with the appropriate disinfectant (chlorine shock, bromine shock etc…)
  3. Treat your pool with anti-algae products
  4. Filter the pool until the quality of water returns
  5. Use a coagulant to ensure that all algae and bacteria have been removed

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