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How to maximise the life of your liner?

The average life of a swimming pool liner is 10 years. However, the conditions in which it is kept can affect the length of its life. To get the most out of your liner follow these recommendations :


  1. Ensure that your pool is filled to the correct level to avoid discoloration and of your liner following exposure to UV rays and heat
  2. Clean the walls and bottom of your pool regularly
  3. Keep your pH between 7 and 7.5
  4. Make sure the temperature of your water stays below 28°C to avoid the deterioration of your liner
  5. Avoid putting chlorine tablets directly on the liner to avoid discoloration. Insteqd use floating diffusers or cages inside the skimmer.

Keeping your water in equilibrium protects your liner


The calco-carbonic balance of the water includes the pH, the TH (harness of water) and the TAC (alkalinity of the water). This equilibrium allows you to protect the different materials found in your swimming pool (the liner, the tubes, the pump or the filter).

Here are some examples of impacts of a poorly managed equilibrium  :

If the TH and TAC are low and the pH is high, the water is aggressive. The liner will crease and the filtration system can be damaged.

If the TH and TAC are high and the pH is too low the water is not in equilibrium. Limestone will start to form at the water line and the filtration system can also be damaged.

Achieving balance at the start of the season is indispensable if you want to get the most out of your pool. This will reduce the treatment required during the season.


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