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My readings : how they work

I am ICO I’m going to explain to you how I work.

As you’ll find out below, it is all very simple !!

Normal use

Every hour, I take a full set of readings (pH, redox (ORP), conductivity, temperature, battery level, Wi-Fi signal). I send all of these readings to my Cloud either through your Wi-Fi network or through the Sigfox network (depending on my model).

Treatment of readings by the server

The readings received by my Cloud are stored, treated thanks to my artificial intelligence and then sent to your smartphone where they are displayed in the corresponding sections of my application. 

See your readings :

On the dashboard : the last reading taken by your ICO

In the Trends section : all of the readings taken over the last month, week or 24 hours. 

After a reboot…

Following a reboot, I carry out several readings (every 10 minutes) during the first hour.

Each reading taken is then sent to my Cloud using your wireless network. These readings are automatically taken into account in the analysis made by my artificial intelligence.

After this first hour, I return to my normal rhythm with one set of readings every hour. 

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