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My connections : how they work


I am ICO, lets move on to the most important part of how I work, my connections.

I’ll explain everything to you below !



Bluetooth allows you to install and change the settings of your ICO directly from your mobile.

This connection is only possible when using the ICO application. A direct pairing from your phone settings is not possible even though it may appear in the list of detected devices.

To connect to me via Bluetooth, your mobile will need Bluetooth version 4 or later.

Bluetooth allows you to carry out the following in the application : 

  • A calibration of my Redox and pH sensors
  • A download of my stored data (readings)
  • A Configuration of my Wi-Fi connection
  • A Reboot of my system
  • A reset of my system
  • A connection test


To activate a Bluetooth session, you will need to be close to me with your mobile, around 2 meters, and use the ICO application.



This allows me to connect to my servers.

This connection is configured during the set-up phase using the application and a Bluetooth connection.

It is also possible to alter this configuration if necessary (moving home etc…).


Wi-Fi allows me to: 

  • Send the readings that I have taken to my servers.


This connection is inactive most of the time to conserve my battery.

Wi-Fi is activated once I have taken my readings to allow me to send the information, then is deactivates itself automatically.

Other Information : 


Whilst you are using the application to access your pool’s data, the application collects everything from the server and display it.

Wherever you are, you can access your pool’s data as long as your monile has internet access.  (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G).

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