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Where to find my code?

A QR code, what is it?

The QR code is in 2D. Most of time it’s a a black and white square, it can also be in color and contain a logo which can be quickly decoded (QR = “Quick Reponse”) from your ICO application (Androïd or iOS). It can contain a significant number of information, much more than a simple bar code.

A QR code, what for?

It allows to identify your ICO and link it to the pool or the spa you created in your ICO application.

Where is the ICO QR code?

You can find the QR Code of your ICO inside the box, next to your ICO. 

What is inside my QR code?

The QR-code contains the number of identification of your ICO (conscript UUID).
This code identifies in a unique way your connected device in the whole of the computer system. Thanks to the code UUID, the set of the data gone back up by your ICO is so secured.

When I scan the QR code I have an error message

Your smartphone must be connected to the internet network

To allow ICO to send you its data via your Smartphone, this one must be connected with Internet. Check that your smartphone is connected to the network 3G / 4G or WiFi.

The QR-code is wrong

It is possible that the QR-code is not correct or that the label is damaged.
Find the identifier indicated on the box of your ICO then contact our Technical Support team.

ICO and its QR code don’t match

ICO in the box don’t match at the QR-Code indicated on the box.
Contact our Technical Support Team.

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