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Setting up your ICO

First of all : Install the application

Download the application on your mobile and open it. 
Step 1 : Create an account
Create your account directly in the application
Step 2.1 : Create your pool
This new pool (or Spa) will be automatically associated to your user account. You will then be able to share  it with another user.
Step 2.2 : Choose your type of pool
Choose the type of pool or spa that you are creating.
Step 2.3 : Pool information
Fill in the fields with the information of your pool.
Step 2.4 : Creation of pool address

There are to ways to enter your pool’s address  :

  • Fill in the fields manually
  • Use the  “Use my position”  feature allowing you to enter your current address more quickly.

Then click on  Save

Step 3 : Associate your ICO with your account

Click OK to launch the scan of your QR code


Where to find my QR code ?

Step 4.1 : Configure ICO
Click OK to configure your ICO’s Wi-Fi connection
Step 4.2 : Detection of ICO

Switch ICO on using the power button (under the cover)

How to switch on my ICO ?

This step checks the Bluetooth connection between ICO and your mobile.

Step 4.3 : Prepare ICO before putting it in the water
Follow the instructions displayed on the application
Step 4.4 : Configure the Wi-Fi connection
ICO will search for nearby networks.
Step 4.5 : Connection to the Wi-Fi network

Choose the network to which you would like to connect ICO.

Enter the password of the Wi-Fi network

Click on OK

Step 4.6 : Wi-Fi connection test

ICO communicates with the Wi-Fi network and tries to connect.

A count down will indicate an estimate of the time remaining for this step.

Step 4.7 : Confirmation of connection

ICO is connected to your wireless network.

Click on Continue

Step 5 : Start your readings
Click on Start my ICO to start the first readings.

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