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Setting up your ICO


Watch these videos or follow detailed process below.



First of all : Install the application

Download the application on your mobile and open it.
Step 1 : Create a user account

In the settings section of the application click on
on my account and fillout the form. 

Your ICO can be linked to a single user account.


Step 2 : Create your pool or spa profile

Click on create a new pool or create a new spa.
This profile will be automatically associated with your user account.

With the share function you will be able to share your pool profile with a trusted third party so that He/She can access the ICO analysis and recommendations when you need to.

Step 3 : Personalized your Pool or Spa profile
Fill in the fields to Set up your pool or spa and save the profile.
Step 4 : Associate your ICO with your account

To associate your ICO with your user account:
– Click on Identify my ICO
Scan your QR CODE or enter your ICO ID number (located in the ICO box)

To scan a QR CODE: Select the camera application on your cell phone. Hold your camera so that the QR code appears in the viewfinder in the center of the photo. Your device recognizes the QR code and displays a notification. Touch the notification to open the link associated with the QR code.


Step 5 : Detection of ICO

Keep your mobile device turned on near your ICO.

Keep your mobile device turned on near your ICO. In your ICO application, press the remote access button at the bottom right, then press retrieve measurements to trigger the bluetooth network. When the Bluetooth icon is blue, the connection is established. Follow the next steps by clicking on continue.


Step 6 : Setup the WI-FI connection

Click on configure your ICO‘s Wi-Fi connection
Step 7 : Prepare ICO to throw it in the water

Here are the steps to follow for the water launch:

1- Open the top cover using the screwdriver tool provided in the Ondilo box.

2- Press the ON/OFF button for 5 seconds. When the light is green, ICO is on.

3- Close the cover until you hear the safety “clap” that guarantees the waterproofness.

4- Unscrew the lower part of ICO to access the sensors. Remove the black protections from the three sensors and keep them carefully in the ICO box. You will need them again during the winterization to protect them.

ICO is ready, put it in the water.


Step 8 : Setup the Wi-FI connection

1. In the dashboard , press on configure your ICO

2. ICO searches for available Wi-Fi networks around it

Step 9 : Select your Wi-Fi network

Select your home Wi-Fi network to connect ICO
Enter the Wi-Fi network security key

Click on continue.















If you can’t find your Wi-Fi network: click on other network and fill in the fields manually.

Click on continue








Step 10: Connection test


ICO communicates with the Wi-Fi network and tries to connect.

A count down will indicate an estimate of the time remaining for this step.

Step 11 : Successful login

ICO is connected to your wireless network.

Click on Continue

Step 12 : Start your readings

Congratulations !

Click on Start to launch the first water measurements.

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