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How to reboot your ICO ?

Option 1: using ICO APP 

Put your ICO device and your cell phone side by side to establish a Bluetooth connection

  • Open the ICO application
  • In the remote control section, click on retrieve measurements to activate the bluetooth
  • When the bluetooth icon is blue (bluetooth enabled), click on restart ICO

Wait a few moments:

  • A check mark indicates that ICO has restarted. Check your data on the pool or spa profile
  • A cross indicates that the action has failed: try again, otherwise try manually with your ICO device (option 2).


Option 2: using ICO DEVICE

Remove your ICO from the water and dry it properly with a soft cloth

  • Open the top cover of your ICO
  • Press and hold (5 to 6 seconds) the button to turn it off: the LED flashes orange
  • Press and hold (5 to 6 seconds) the button to turn it on: the LED flashes green
  • Close the cover
  • Put ICO back in the water
    Within few minutes, check on your ICO application that you have received the last measurement.


Following a reboot, new measures are taken.

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