How to resolve the problem of a pH that is too high? (pH > 17)

Sometimes, ICO can provide an incorrect reading of the pH. It indicates that the pH is 17 or higher. This can be down to a fault in the level of contact with the circuit board of the ICO.


To resolve this follow these intructions:

Step 1 : Remove ICO from the water and dry it properly
Step 2 : Open the cover
Step 3 : Press and hold the button down. The light will flash yellow once. ICO is switched off.
Step 4 : Remove the pH sensor (blue) from its place
Step 5 : With the help of a small, fine knife, push one or two strips away from the sensor to create some separation, as shown in the picture. 
Step 6 : Put the pH sensor back
Step 7 : Press and hold the button down. The light will flash green 3 times. ICO is switched on.
Step 8 : Put the cover back on  
Step 9 : Put ICO back in the water
Step 10 : Keep track of the next pH values recorded

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