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How to replace a sensor ?

Follow these easy steps to replace your sensors yourself, in no time.

Reminder: it is recommanded to calibrate your sensors regularly.


      • Remove ICO from the water and dry it. Make sure your hands are dry too.
      • Turn on ICO via the application and then click on the remote control button 
      • Remove sensor’s cap.
      • Using the tool provided with ICO, remove the old sensor and place the new one.
      • Place the sensor cap back on ICO.
      • In the app, click on the remote control. Select the sensor concerned and then click on calibration pH or calibration ORP.
      • Immerse the probe by stirring the ICO a little to facilitate the measurement 
      • Follow instructions on your app.
      • Once it’s done, you can now put ICO back in the water !
  • Keep the pH 4 solution in case you need to start over (if pH probe calibration)

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