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Firmware Update

What does it do?

The firmware update improves how your ICO works and adds new features to those already in place.

We recommend that you regularly update your ICO with the latest version of its firmware for better use.

During all the stages of the firmware update, it is imperative that your mobile remains next to your ICO (around 1 to 2 meters away maximum) to keep an active Bluetooth connection. 


  • To launch a firmware update, when you are on the home page of your ICO application
  • Click on the ICO in the center of the Dashboard to access My ICO page
  • On My ICO page, wait for the Bluetooth logo to turn blue: the Bluetooth session is active.
  • Click on “Software Update


1. Checking the update
  • On the picture on the left, your phone is ready to receive a new update, once your connection is established and stable, proceed to the update by clicking on Update
  • On the image on the right, your ICO already has the latest version of firmware. There is no need to continue, return to My ICO.


2. Launching the update
After clicking on Update, the download will start and will last around 2 minutes. A loading bar will appear to show the progress of the update.
3. Result of the update
This message shows that the update was successful. Once it appears you can return to My ICO and enjoy the app. 

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