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Calibration FAQ

What is the purpose of calibration ?

Thez regular calibration of your pH (blue) and Redox (orange/yellow) allows you to ensure that the readings taken by your ICO are accurate and thus to optimize it’s performance. Furthermore, it helps you to maximize the lifespan of your sensors.

At what point should I calibrate my sensors?
You should calibrate your sensors at the start of each season before getting your pool back up and running to ensure that you start the season in the best possible condition.

Furthermore, if at any moment during the season you have a doubt about the accuracy of your pH and Redox readings don’t hesitate to re-calibrate the sensors in order to ensure that the readings are as accurate as possible.

Where should I calibrate my sensors ?
You should calibrate your sensors in a dry and clean area (to avoid possible impurities) with an ambient temperature.

For the best possible calibration, the recommended temperature is 25°C.

How can I calibrate my sensors ?

This action is carried out using the application and only takes a few minutes. To find out more read our Calibration Manual or watch the tutorial.

Error Message "The reading seems incorrect"
If during the calibration you receive an error message which indicates that the reading seems incorrect, check that you are using the right solution and try again.

If you are still stuck, contact Ondilo’s Customer Support.


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