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How to share a pool?


In the dashboard of the application…

Click on the arrow next to the name of your pool (top right) to access the list of pools.

Step 2 : Click on the share icon

Click on the share icon that corresponds with the pool that you would like to share.

The icon is at the top of each pool next to the settings button.

Step 3 : Share your pool

To share your pool you have two options :

  • Scan the displayed code with the telephone of the person of your choice, they will then have access to your pool’s information.
  • Copy the code and send it to a person of your choice. They will then enter the code into their application (see step 3.1 below)

Step 3.1 : Use the sharing code to add a shared pool

Upon reception of the code :

  • Click on the + to add a pool
  • To add a shared pool, select Shared Pool / Spa
  • Enter the sharing code provided and click on save.

A new pool is now available in your shared list.

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