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Error message:ICO already associated …


When associating ICO with your user account, if you receive an error message indicating that ICO is already associated, it may be due to one of the following cases:

  • Case 1 – You have purchased a new ICO:
    If the QR Code does not work, try to identify your ICO by typing the UUID number ( located in the ICO box) . If you still can’t identify your ICO, please contact Ondilo customer support
  • Case 2 – You have an ICO already associated with another account:
    If you know the former user, ask him/her to delete the ICO directly in his/her ICO application.


USER ACCOUNT: How it works

  • To get ICO up and running, your device must be associated with a user account on the ICO application.
  • Your device can only be associated with one user account at a time.
  • A user can create multiple pool or spa profiles and receive analysis, historical readings and recommendations from ICO for each pool /Spa.

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