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Application : Reports

You can access the Reports section, from the Dashboard, by clicking on the speech bubble at the bottom of your screen.

This section provides you with the results of the analysis of your water, that is to say :

An indication on the level of disinfection

An insight into the overall equilibrium of your pool .

Below that you can see the recommendations made by your ICO for the treatment of your pool. ICO can recommend that :

  • you adjust the pH (with pH+ or pH-)
  • you add chlorine
  • you close the cover
  • you check the position of your ICO
  • etc …

Click on validate to confirm that you have carried out the suggested treatment.


If you click on the icon of a clip board in the top right you can access the logbook. This gives you a list of all previous recommendations made by your ICO.

To refresh the page swipe down. 

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