Your ICO’s Connections

There are two types of connection installed on your ICO, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi



Bluetooth connection establishes the link between your ICO and your mobile.

This connection is only possible using the app. The direct pairing with your ICO through the Bluetooth system of your mobile is not possible even though ICO appears in the list of detected Bluetooth devices.

In order connect to your ICO your mobile must have Bluetooth version 4 or higher.


Bluetooth lets you perform the following actions through the app : 


  • Configuration of Wi-Fi connection
  • Rebooting ICO
  • Resetting ICO
  • Checking ICO’s settings


To perform Bluetooth sessions, you must be close to the ICO with your mobile, around 2 metres and be using the ICO app.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection you can access to your data anywhere, at anytime. However, it requires you to stand next (2 meters max) your ICO using the ICO app. The Remote Control Access via Bluetooth cannot substitute to an Internet subscription to fully enjoy the ICO experience.



Wi-Fi enables the link between the ICO and our servers.

This connection must be established during the set up of your ICO through the app and use of Bluetooth.

It is also possible to change this set up if necessary (moving house, ICO in another pool, etc.).


Wi-Fi allows: 

  • the ICO to send the measurements that it has taken to our servers


The connection is deactivated most of the time to preserve the battery of your ICO.

Wi-Fi is activated when the ICO has taken its measurements to allow it to transfer the information then it deactivates itself automatically.

To discover more on how these measurements work read this guide.


Extra Information : 


Whilst you are using the app to access your pool’s data the app recieves from the server the data sent from your ICO and displays it.

Wherever you are, you can access your pool’s data as long as your mobile has Internet access (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G)

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