Where is my network ?

Your network name doesn’t appear

Your name of WIFI network ( SSID) is not present in the list of networks indicated by your ICO application.

The network access point is out of range

If you are too far from the WiFi access point (Box / Repeater WiFi), it may be missing and ICO can not detect it.

The network name is not released by your access point

In certain case, a parameter of security of the point of access or internet box deactivates the access to the name of WIFI network. This one is then visible only by equipments already connected to the network.


Solution 1:
Enter manually the name of the WIFI network the corresponding field “Manually”.
Solution 2:
Refer to the guide of your Wi-Fi hotspot (Box/WiFi Extender) to check this configuration or contact your Internet Operator.

The WiFi access point is off

Check if your WiFi access point (Internet Box / WiFi Repeater / Router) is powered properly and in operation.

Your ICO is off

Check that your ICO is working. Press the button once. The LED flashes green 2 times. This means that your ICO is on.
If not: How to start my ICO?


The WiFi module of your ICO is defective

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