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ICO doesn’t connect to my mobile via Bluetooth

The Bluetooth connection is used during the setting up of your ICO and afterwards, through the remote control menu of the application, to configure it.


1) Can’t connect your ICO via Bluetooth ?  please check the following information:

  • Your cell phone has a Bluetooth version 4 or higher (check the information with the manufacturer with your phone model)
  • Disconnect all devices connected to your bluetooth: earphones, connected watches,…
  • On your mobile’s settings go on the ICO app, and check ICO is enable to connect to the bluetooth 
  • Check that your ICO is not already connected to another cell phone. Your ICO can only connect via Bluetooth to one mobile at a time.
  • Your cell phone and ICO must be held side by side during the connection attempt.


2) Please try a new connection:

  • Open your ICO app, go to the profile of your pool /spa and click on the remote control icon at the bottom right (see screen 1). 
  • When the connection is established, the Bluetooth icon at the top of the screen turns blue and the remote control buttons are activated (see screen 2). 


If you still can’t connect, please contact our customer support


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