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Checking the Wi-Fi connection in my pool

The connection between your ICO and your Wi-Fi works, but once your ICO in the pool it becomes unstable.

Please carry out the following test to check the level of Wi-Fi signal in the different areas of your pool. 


  1. Take your ICO and put it in the position marked number 1 in the image above. Carry out a connection test using the application. To do this, open the application and click on Settings, My ICO and then Connection Test. 
  2. Take a note of the result
  3. Repeat the test in the four corners of the pool as shown in the image above
  4. With the results of these tests you can begin to work out where in the pool your ICO can pick up Wi-Fi signal. 

For the time being we do not have a tool to fix ICO in one specific place but you can create one easily..


Warning : The connection test requires an active Bluetooth session, you need to be close to your ICO (2 meters max.) with your mobile to carry it out. 

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