The appearance of algae in your pool is the problem that all pool-owners want to avoid. Your face turns green with the algae and you don’t know the best way to quickly restore your water quality and rid yourself of the algae. Don’t worry, every problem has a solution. Algae likes the conditions of your pool such as humidity, heat, and light.  

Cases where algae can develop

During the wintering period: The appearance of algae during this period is frequent, especially if you have practiced a passive wintering (total stop of filtration and treatment) or a light filtration during an active wintering. See our video at the bottom of the page on how to de-winterize your pool.

Too long a winterization period: In short, the longer you wait to put your pool into action, the more your water is missing out on treatments, this combined with high temperatures (internal and external), favors the appearance of algae. 

Water that has not been sufficiently or correctly treated: if the pH of your water is poorly balanced, the disinfectant will not work or it will not work enough.

Your water temperature is too high: high temperatures favor the development of algae in your water. 

The different types of algae 


1) Green algae

These are the most well known and the most common algae. Your water will become green and sometimes you will get stains on the bottom or the walls of your pool. These will be shiny and sticky when you touch them. 

2) Black algae 

These appear in the form of black, sticky stains. They will be found on the walls and the bottom of your pool as well as in the grooves of your tiles if you have that type of pool. 

3) Yellow algae

As their name suggests this algae is yellow in color and it also appears on the walls and on the bottom of your pool. In contrast to the other types of algae it detaches easily and prefers shaded areas.   

4) Pink/Red algae

Red or bright pink in color, this type of algae generally develops on plastic surfaces. It is therefore found in simmers, cleaners, sealed units … 

The consequences

The development of algae leads to a discoloration of water, the walls, and the bottom of your pool. The first consequence is that you wont want to swim anymore because of the murky water. Furthermore, the appearance of algae means the appearance of bacteria which are dangerous for the health of swimmers. 

How can I overcome it ?

Don’t worry we have several solutions to help you fight algae, but before we start, you must first keep your pH level normal, between 7 and 7.6 (some may even say between 7.2 and 7.4). In short, alkaline water is the favorite playing field for algae to develop. They do not like water that is too acidic, the higher the pH the more vulnerable you will be to the appearance of algae. 

With chlorine, there are two indicators. If you use stabilized chlorine, you are advised to keep your chlorine levels between 0.7 and 1.2 ppm. If you use non-stabilized chlorine, you are advised to keep it between 0.4 and 0.7 ppm.  

You should check your filtration system. During the season, think about cleaning it regularly, that is to say on average once a week. However, you can keep an eye on it every day! 

Don’t hesitate in cleaning the walls as well as the bottom of your pool. During periods of extreme heat during the summer, treat your water well. You could also use products that contain an algicide to fight against algae. 

To conclude, the development of algae in your pool will no longer be a concern now that you know how to react when faced with their appearance.

ICO’s advice :

I am ICO, your connected device which measures, anticipates, and adapts your advice and lets you know on your smartphone. 

Connected to the weather forecast, I allow you to anticipate changes in the quality of your water, notably during periods with high temperatures (favorable conditions for algae).

I analyze the change in your pH, chlorine, and measure the conductivity of your water. Furthermore, I recommend you actions to carry out to reestablish a better water quality. You don’t need to worry about algae anymore, I’ll do it for you and your pool.   

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